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Group Profile Xinxiang Hexie Group was established in 1992 occupying a total area of approximately 100 000 square meters and it is a diversified high tech enterprise engaged in research production sales and technical service of feed machinery breeding equipment and veterinary preparations Its subsidiaries include Xinxiang Hexie Feed Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd Xinxiang Hexie Smart Breeding Equipment Co Ltd and Xinxiang Hexie Animal Pharmacy Co Ltd Hexie Group provides a comprehensive systematic and high quality solutions for agriculture and husbandry industry trying to build a grand blueprint of Harmonious world world Hexie Developing rapidly Hexie Group is in close collaboration with...

Categories and Products

Feed Production Line

Aquatic Feed Production Line

Aquatic Feed Production Line 

Hammer Mill

Ultra Fine Grinding Hammer Mill

Good Quality Animal Feed Hammer Mill Factory Animal Feed Grinder Drop-shaped Hammer Mill Animal Feed Crushing Equipment Hammer Crusher Machine Poultry Feed Carbon Steel Hammer Mill Feed Grinding Equipment Hammer Mill Good Quality Animal Feed Grinding Hammer Mill 

Fine Grinding Hammer Mill

Poultry Livestock Feed Grinding Hammer Equipment Pig Chicken Feed Grinding Equipment Hammer Crusher Machine Pig Feed Grinding Equipment Fine Grinding Hammer Mill Animal Pellet Grinding Equipment Feed Hammer Mill 

Grass Hammer Mill

Animal feed Grass Hammer Mill Grinding for Sale 

Mixing Equipment

Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

Superior Animal feed single shaft paddle mixer Animal feed Single shaft paddle mixer Animal Poultry Feed Mixing Mill Machine Mixer Machine For Poultry Feed Animal Feed single shaft Mixer Poultry Mixing Device 

Horizontal Type Mixer

Animal Feed Mixer Poultry Feed Mixing Machine Animal feed horizontal type mixer Animal Feed Mixing Equipment Screw Blade Type Mixer Animal Livestock feed mixer Horizontal type Mixing Equipment Animal Feed SLJH Horizontal Type Mixer 

Drum Additive Mixer

Superior Animal Feed Drum Additive Mixer Animal Feed Stainless Steel drum additive mixer 

Pellet Mill

Ring Die Pellet Mill

High Standard Material Selection Ring Die Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Mill For Poultry Feed Mill Feed Mill Ring Die Pellet Mill Operated More Smoothly Ring Die Pellet Mill Animal Feed High Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Mill For Feed Line Ring Die Pellet Mill For Animal Feed Processing Low Electric Consumption Feed Ring Die Pellet Mill Animal Feed Ring Die Pellet Mill Twin Motor Drive Feed Ring Die Pellet Mill 

Flat Die Pellet Mill

Flat Die Pellet Mill For Animal Feed Low Energy Consumption Flat Die Pellet Mill Process Different Diameter Flat Die Pellet Mill Animal Feed Flat Die Pellet Mill 

Extrusion Equipment

Aquatic Extruder

Animal Feed Aquaculture Feed Extruder 

Raw Material Extruder

Animal Feed Raw material extruder 

Cooling Equipment

Counter Flow Cooler

Pellet Feed Counter-flow Cooler Feed Mill Counter-flow Cooler Animal Feed Counter-flow Cooler Counter-flow Cooler For Animals For Pellet Production Line 

Cooling And Screening Device

Animal Feed Pellet Cooling And Screening Machine Animal Feed Cooling And Screening Device Granular Feed Cooling And Screening Device 

Feed Crushing Machine

Roller Type Crumbler

Animal Feed SSLG Series Roller-type Animal Feed Roller Type Crumbler Animal Feed Line Roller type crumbler Animal Feed Roller Feed Grain Crusher Animal Feed SSLG Series Roller Type Crumbler SSLG Series Roller-type Poultry Feed Crumble Machine 

Sifting Equipment

Rotary Screener

Animal Feed Rotary Screener Animal feed SFJH Series Rotary Screener Rotary Screener For Animal Feed Line Rotary Sifter For Animal Feed Line 

Bagging Machine

Animal feed DCS Belt Double Bucket Packing Scale 

Cleaning Equipment

Drum Pre Cleaner

Drum Pre-cleaner For Animal Feed Line Animal Feed Drum Pre Cleaner Animal feed Drum Pre-cleaner 

Powder Cleaner

Animal feed Powder Sifter Animal Feed Powder Cleaner Animal Feed Mill Powder Cleaner 

Tube Magnet

Best Selling Products Tube Magnet Animal feed TCXT Series Tube Magnet TCXT Series Tube Magnet For Animal Feed Line Feed Stainless Steel CXT Series Tube Magnet Good Quality Stainless Steel Tube Magnet TCXT Series Tube Magnet For Animal Feed Plant 

Dust Collection Equipment

Dust Filter Machine

Animal feed Dust Filter Machine High Quality BLMYF Series pulse deduster Good Quality Pulse Deduster Pulse Deduster For Poultry Feed Mill Animal Feed BLMYF Series pulse deduster Animal Feed BLMBF Series Dedusting Equipment Dust Filter Machine For Feed Mill Good Quality Cleaning Dust Pulse Filter Animal Feed Dedusting Equipment Animal Feed Pulse Filter Animal Feed BLMY Series Pulse Filter High Quality BLMY Series Pulse Deduster Feed Mill BLMY Series Round Pulse Filter 

Cyclone Dust Separator

Centrifugal Dust Collector For Animal Feed Line Animal Feed Centrifugal dust collector 

Batching System

Premix Feed Production Line Auto Batching Batching system For Animal feed Plant Feed Ingredients Automatic Batching Machine Animal Feed Batching System Good Quality Feed Batching system 

Oil Adding Sustem

Feed Production Line Oil Adding System 

Conveying Equipment

Bucket Elevator

Feed Mill Animal feed Bucket Elevator Animal Feed Split Hood Product features Bucket Elevator For Animal Feed Bucket Elevator For Animal Feed Line Good Quality Animal feed Bucket Elevator Large capacity Animal feed Bucket Elevator Animal feed Bucket Elevator 

Impeller Feeder

Feed Feeding Equipment Poultry Impeller Feeder Feeding Device Animal Feed Impeller Feeder Feeding Equipment Device Animal Feed Impeller Feeder Feeding Equipment Animal Feed Impeller Feeder Impeller Feeder For Animal Production Line 

Rotary Distributor

Rotary Distributor Use In Animal Feed Plant Rotary Distributor For Poultry Feed Mill Rotary Distributor For Animal Feed Processing Animal Feed Rotary Distributor 

Chain Conveyor

Animal Feed chain conveyor Smooth rail Animal feed Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor For Making Animal feed Animal feed Wear Resistant Chain Conveyor Animal Feed Sealing Chain conveyor 

Screw Conveyor

Animal Feed TLSS series Conveying Equipment Animal Feed Screw Conveyor/Feeder Superior Animal feed Screw feeder Dust-proof Animal feed Screw feeder Screw Feeder Rotary Distributor For Poultry Feed Mill Animal feed Screw feeder Animal Feed Screw Feeder For Animal Feed Plant 

Air Lock

Air Lock For Animal Product Line Rotary Air Lock Valve Animal Feed Plant GFQ Series Air Lock Feed GFQ Series Airlock Machine 

Pneumatic Gate

Feed Mill Pneumatic Gate Good Quality Animal Feed Pneumatic Gate pneumatic gate For Animal Feed Animal Feed Slide Gate Pneumatic Gate Dust-proof Animal Feed Pneumatic Gate Animal Feed Manual Pneumatic Pneumatic Gate Animal Feed Pneumatic Gate Superior Animal feed pneumatic gate 

Pneumatic Three Way

Feed Mill Pneumatic Three Way Pneumatic Three Way For Poultry Feed Mill Pneumatic Three Way For Poultry Feed Plant Pneumatic Three Way For Poultry Feed Processing Steel/Stainless Steel Feed Three Way Low Residue Pneumatic Three Way Feed Processing Equipment Pneumatic Three Way Manual Pneumatic Animal Feed Pneumatic Three Way Hot Sale Animal Feed Pneumatic Three Way Good Quality Animal Feed Pneumatic Three Way Pneumatic Three Way For Feed Production Line Animal Feed Pneumatic Three Way Superior Animal Feed Pneumatic Three Way 

Pneumatic Four Way

Animal Feed Pneumatic Four Way 

Butterfly Valve

Animal feed Machine Butterfly Valve 

Modulation Equipment

Animal Feed Modulation equipment High Gelatinization Feed Modulation Equipment Good Quality Feed Modulation Equipment Improving Pellets Quality Modulation Equipment 

Electric Control System

Electronic Control System For Feed Products Line 

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