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Impeller Feeder

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Impeller Feeder For Animal Production Line

Model No. : TWLY63×35

Introduction of Rotary Vane Feeder Impeller feeder 1 Adopts inverter to adjust the feeding speed automatically and continuously keep the mill is in full load condition reduces the power consumption and the inverter frequency modulation range is...

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Feeding Equipment  Animal Feed Impeller Feeder

Model No. : TWLY63×45

Introduction of impeller feeder 1 Impeller feeder is composed of intercross impellers It can evenly feed 2 It is with self clean magnetic separator uniform distribution iron removal 3 Axial direction of hammer mill is uniform to feed which can...

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Feeding Equipment Device Animal Feed Impeller Feeder

Model No. : TWLY66×60

Impeller Feeder Classical feeder for hammer mill in grain oil processing plants feedmills and food factories Suitable for feeding drive granular and powdery materials Variable frequency enabling continuous feeding rate adjustment Magnets for metal...

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Feeding Device Animal Feed Impeller Feeder

Model No. : TWLY66×80

Impeller feeder is use the rotation of the impeller with standard room transferred the powder and small granular material from the top to achieve uniform feed or variable speed feed It achieve uniform feed when this machine constant speed If use a...

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Feed Feeding Equipment Poultry Impeller Feeder

Model No. : TWLY66×100

Introduction of impeller feeder 1 Small size with high rotating speed even feeding low residues 2 Steel screw with variable pitch ensures material in bin outlet entirely 3 With anti blocking and speed detecting alarm device 4 Uniform feeding reduce...

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China Impeller Feeder Suppliers

Impeller Feeder is one elements of Hammer Mill,grain enter into and out of the hamer mill through the impell feeder ,so it can be used as one part in animal feed mills,poultry feed mills,pig feed plant,chicken feed plant,oil plants.

Working principle

The raw material enters the machinery through the inlet and is conveyed upward by the impeller feeder. It then gets into the self-cleaning magnets and finally enters the hammer mill. The impeller feeder consists of impeller, gear motor, self-cleaning magnets, air adjustment door, etc.