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Rotary Distributor

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Animal Feed Rotary Distributor

Model No. : TFPX6

Conical structure with maintenance door and convenient maintenance The unloading tube is accurate and reliable and avoids the material channeling The blanking pipe mouth and the suction pipe mouth with cleaning brush can automatically clean the dust...

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Rotary Distributor For Animal Feed Processing

Model No. : TFPX12

1 It is easy to operate convenient installation and maintenance 2 Cycloid driving is adopted and compact structure discharging spouts rotates stably 3 The position of discharging spout is accurate reliable and prevents raw materials from entering...

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Rotary Distributor For Poultry Feed Mill

Model No. : TFPX10

we are manufacturer customers can get better price and directly after sales service high quality as all of our machine been approved CE certification professoinal sales and engineers team design according to customers needs Animal feed rotary...

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Rotary Distributor Use In Animal Feed Plant

Model No. : TFPX8

A TFPX series rotary distributor has characteristics of compact structure positioning accuracy is high fast speed of in and out feed steady and reliability clean dust automatically present positions automatic display etc B It is easy operation and...

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China Rotary Distributor Suppliers
TFPX Series Rotary Distributor
1.TFPX series distributor are easy to operate, convenient to install and maintain.
2.The direct connect drive with cycloidal reducer is adopted, which has compact structure and stable running of the discharging tubes.
3.The discharging tubes are accurately and reliably positioned to avoid material misdistribution , A cleaning bruch is equipped internally to prevent leaked materials from pilling up .
4.After the discharging tubes are positioned, they are sealed reliably with the distribution tray .
5.It is applicable to distributing powdery and granular materials in grain, feed, oil starch industries.