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Dust Filter Machine

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Feed Mill BLMY Series Round Pulse Filter

Model No. : BLMY 25

1 It is high efficient dedusting equipment with dedusting equipment with dedusting rate 90 It has large treating airflow less floor space and low noise 2 Tangential centrifugal air in is adopted benefiting the reduction of air net resistance and...

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High Quality BLMY Series Pulse Deduster

Model No. : BLMY 36

1 Adopt high pressure solenoid valve increases gas the air inlet is placed on the hopper to prevent dusty air directly bag erosion improve the bag lifetime 2 Use bag fast loading mechanism patented technology reducing installation space requirements...

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Animal Feed BLMY Series Pulse Filter

Model No. : BLMY 130

This pulse deduster can clean up adequately working environments from irritating substances Use cloth bag fast loading and unloading mechanism and high pressure solenoid valve technology of Multiple filter bag It combines the sub room cleaning and...

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Animal Feed Pulse Filter

Model No. : BLMY 16

Advantages of pulse dedust 1 The adoption of advanced round bag and box type structure one solenoid valve injection multiple bag at the same time 2 Customize design as per client s requirement 3 Humanized design Super double open the access door...

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Animal Feed Dedusting Equipment

Model No. : BLMBF6

BLMBF Series Flat bag dust filter pulse is a novel and efficient dust removal equipment it uses the fan pulse bag dust filter combination as a whole and remove the bag frame structure form has the characteristics of small volume large filtering area...

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Good Quality Cleaning Dust Pulse Filter

Model No. : BLMBF9

Product features 1 Remove small particles difficult to remove in the gas by filtration with high dust collection efficiency Bags with long lifetime 2 Wide usage simple operation used in many fields 3 Using advanced flat cloth bag and box type...

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Dust Filter Machine For Feed Mill

Model No. : BLMBF12

Product Features 1 Using advanced flat cloth bag and box type structure form a solenoid valve is used to spray a number of cloth bags at the same time which is applied to the negative pressure suction of the feeding port and hammer mill 2 It has a...

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Animal Feed BLMBF Series Dedusting Equipment

Model No. : BLMBF4

Product Features 1 Remove small particles difficult to remove in the gas by filtration with high dust collection efficiency 2 Bag with long lifetime 3 Wide usage simple operation used in many fields Advantage Pulse bag filter After digesting and...

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Animal Feed BLMYF Series pulse deduster

Model No. : BLMYF56

Characteristic 1 An unique jet device which is equipped with a dismountable cabinet and builtin envelopesasy for maintenance 2 Up to 1 square meter filtration area of each bag enables its installation in a small space 3 Unique injection device can...

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Pulse Deduster For Poultry Feed Mill

Model No. : BLMYF70

1 Large air volume treatment high efficient dust collecting 2 Using reasonable air inlet type to avoid secondary dust flying effectively 3 For different types of fume or dust we use different materials of filter bags to satify special emission...

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Good Quality Pulse Deduster

Model No. : BLMYF 42

1 This machine adopts in food feed industry in standalone or suction dust and dust in the pneumatic conveying also apply to other industries as a dust recycling filter dust etc 2 The special circular air bag with straight solenoid valve reduce the...

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High Quality BLMYF Series pulse deduster

Model No. : BLMYF Series pulse deduster

1 Easy to change the filter bag separate compartment installation 2 Complete ash removal the chambered continuously and automatically cleaned online reducing the energy consumption of dust cleaning and eliminating the dust reattachment and out of...

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Animal feed Dust Filter Machine

Model No. : BLMB Series pulse deduster

Product Features 1 Can effectively reduce the dust improve the working environment 2 Small dimension low resistance low power can realize high efficient work 3 Bag with long lifetime 4 Wide usage simple operation used in many fields 5 It has large...

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China Dust Filter Machine Suppliers
1. The air flow combination is reasonable. It adopts the inlet flow and the downstream filtration to make the dust in the filtering state.
2. At the same time, it has the effect of cohesive sedimentation, reducing the filter bag load and pulse frequency.
3,.Filter bag mouth adopts elastic expansion ring seal. With good tightness, convenient disassembly. The frame is resistance welded.
4. The outer surface is smooth without weld marks, which solves the problem of filter bag and frame wear. The filter bag has a long service life.
5. According to the working environment, choose filter materials with different performance and specifications. The running resistance is stable, the energy consumption is low, and the dust removal efficiency is greater than 99.9%.