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Electric Control System

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Electronic Control System For Feed Products Line

Model No. : Equipped with electric control box

Features 1 Combination of analogue and computer control system is adopted 2 The centralized control system use imported PLC to control operation of all machines on panel It is safe and reliable 3 MCC CCP and control panel for single machine can be...

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Various kinds of industrial control cabinets for customers are customized, which are mainly divided into strong electric control cabinet, weak current control cabinet, all kinds of single machine control cabinets and all kinds of single machine control cabinets.

The strong electric control cabinet has modular combination electric cabinet, GGD control cabinet, PLC control cabinet and so on. The weak current control cabinet adopts special PVC material to make the process simulation screen, which can clearly and intuitively reflect the operation process and facilitate monitoring.

The user can choose the control mode combined with the central control of the analog screen and the computer control ingredients or the computer complete screen control mode.